8 Real Benefits from Using an Email Newsletter Service

No matter whether you work for a Fortune 500 firm, a small business or a non profit, you will need to communicate with your customers, members, and other VIPs. There’s always something going on, whether new product releases or sales events. An email newsletter can help you spread the worddubious analogies.

You can easily do it yourself. There is a slew of email software and tens or thousands of marketing services. But is it worth it? If you think about the time it takes for you to research articles, create and edit content, collect images, make the template and send your email campaign, it may seem more sensible to use a service. There are eight great benefits to using an email service for newsletters.

The content is created for you. You can find an email newsletter service to suit your industry, no matter what it is. Email newsletters can be integrated into the marketing strategies of many professionals, such as accountants and nutritionists. A trusted email newsletter service will supply you with at least two articles per month and can save you as much as five to ten hours of writing.

You select the graphics. It can take hours just to find images for your email newsletter. In order to make the images work, you will need to edit them. You should also make sure they are legal. Even if a stock photo source is used for your email newsletter, it could take you an hour to find the correct ones. Do you think that images are not required? Try again. Professional newsletters must be professional looking and easy to read. There are severe penalties for anyone who uses an image without permission. A professional email newsletter service will save your time and keep you from trouble.

The newsletter is made for you. A browser-friendly newsletter that displays in all popular browsers is not something you can do by yourself. To be able to create a professional-looking email newsletter, you need to be proficient with both HTML and CSS. Because popular email clients such Outlook, Google Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail often change their programs, you will need to keep up with these changes. It’s easy to make a newsletter in Word, InDesign or PDF and attach it as an attachment. Don’t do it. Open rates for PDF newsletters are less than 20%, because viruses and other concerns mean that most people will delete them without reading.

Your email account is managed for your benefit. It can be time-consuming to add new emails to your mailing list, delete unsubscribers and track undeliverable or bounced emails. It can get very confusing if your list contains more than 100 email addresses. It is not a smart thing to send unsubscribed subscribers another email newsletter. They will immediately be labeled spammers. A great email newsletter service should have all the tools to help you manage your subscribers.

You can easily evaluate your email marketing results. It’s a waste to simply send emails. Effective email marketing requires measuring results. You must know the information your recipient is reading and clicking on. Also, you need to know if they forward your email or not. Tracking this information will allow you to adjust your email newsletter’s content, and other elements slowly but surely to improve its performance. A professional newsletter service will offer basic campaign report tools.

Your newsletter will arrive on a regular basis. A consistent delivery of your newsletter month after month is one of the biggest challenges with email newsletter marketing. It can take you days to prepare an email campaign. Only to then have it sent again in a couple of weeks. A newsletter service can help you to free up time.

You control your costs. After selecting a service or a newsletter plan, your monthly budget will be established. You’ll feel confident that your email marketing campaigns will be consistent and efficient, even if you pay as low as $40 per months.

You can keep your eyes on your business. While it might be tempting to manage it yourself as you may be able create a better newsletter. However, your time will be better spent doing the things you love. Businesses perform better when they concentrate on their customers, sales, and not micro-managing every channel. In almost every case, an email newsletter service will pay for itself many times.