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Sudden increases in tornado frequency has raised concern about traditional mobile home anchoring. The last ten years have given the mobile home industry a greater insight in how to protect families across the country when a tornado or severe weather develop. In fact, prior to these new ideas and methods of anchoring a mobile home, older homes are considered الكترون not anchored sufficiently. The problem that has plagued the mobile home industry is that most states did not require state licenses on technicians and companies that performed such duties. Recently, states have been requiring more training and more licenses when dealing with the installation of the home and its anchoring methods.

Old school of thought said that anchoring was meant to hold a mobile home down during a tornado. This method fought vertical uplifting forces. Overtime studies performed by HUD had disproved the likelihood of such dangers. Research had shown that a typical home had a much greater chance of being subject to horizontal forces such as in-line winds. In-line winds had the power to push the homes off their foundations. The traditional tornado anchors provided little protection from these more common occurrences. Major anchor manufacturers began developing systems that protected the home from lateral and longitudinal forces.

Depending on what state you live in will determine what type anchor system is required, the technique in which the system is installed, and the personnel licensed to install the system.

The first thing to determine is whether or not you have any system in place under your home. If it was installed on or around January 1, 2007, you are most likely protected. You can easily find this out by contacting the home installer, park manager, or home dealer you may have purchased the home from. If your municipality or city required a permit to install the home, public record of the inspection can be obtained at the building inspection office. You should review the inspection and keep a copy for your records.