The Ultimate Yoni Massage Guide – How to Do Yoni Massage on Yourself

If you’re looking for a nuru massage London guide that will teach you how to perform it on yourself, then look no further. This guide will show you how to give yourself a SEXUAL EMPLOYMENT massage that will help ease vaginal tension. You’ll also learn how to boost your body confidence and enhance your sexual experience.


Yoni massage promotes orgasm. It works by guiding a woman’s sexual energy to leave her sex centre and flow throughout her entire body. It can also increase natural lubrication and libido. This is a great technique to increase your orgasm potency.

Yoni massage can be empowering for both you and your partner. It can help release emotional and physical tension from the pelvic region. It can also increase a woman’s sexual drive and confidence. Yoni massage helps women break sexual taboos and reconnect with their inner most selves, which ultimately means they will become better communicators and lovers.

Although yoni massage has many benefits it is best known for its ability to enhance your sex life. A yoni massage teaches you about your body and how it responds to stimulation and touch. This allows you to explore your feelings and create intimacy for both yourself and your partner.

A yoni is an ancient form of tantric sex that empowers women. The yoni is a sacred part of a woman’s body. Tantra reveres the vagina and massages can improve a woman’s sexual life and increase her libido. You will need a private space and a trusted partner to start a yoni-massage.

Yoni massage is an excellent bonding experience, but make sure your partner is willing to do the work. If your partner is committed and willing to do the homework, this technique can be very effective. Alternatively, you can try using a yoni wand if you don’t have a partner. If you don’t have a partner, you can hold the wand in a cup-like position covering the labia as well as the clitoris. Make sure you stretch your fingers out past the opening of the vagina, which should also be covered by the wand.


Yoni Massage can be a great way for you to improve your sex life. If done properly, it can also release sexual trauma. This type of massage can help two people connect more deeply and make them feel closer to one another. This is the essence of love, and it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give your partner.

The first step to performing yoni massage is to warm up your body. Try to stay relaxed and use pillows to make it easier to reach certain parts of the body. Make sure to lay on your belly or on your side, and focus on breathing deeply. You can then explore the yoni with your fingers by wrapping your fingers around your clit and circling it.

Yoni massage, a tantric massage, focuses on the vagina. It’s a ritual that promotes body confidence and self-love. You can practice yoni massage alone or with a partner without making it too sexual. You can improve your body confidence by learning the basics of the massage.

Using yoni massage helps you to overcome the shame and stigma associated with sex. It also helps you to enjoy sex more. Yoni can help you relax your pelvic muscles, and release any negative energy. If you don’t have a partner, you can hire a professional to perform the massage for you.

Yoni massage can be a wonderful experience that can increase your orgasms as well as your relationship with your partner. Yoni massage improves your body confidence and helps you have more intense orgasms.


A Yoni massage helps to unblock channels and stimulate the entire body. The technique involves using hands that are warm and a massage lotion. Make sure to cover your body with a warm towel before beginning the massage. Make sure to focus on the parts of your body that have tension and take note of them. For example, you may want to massage the vulva and vagina to loosen them up or massage the external tip of the clitoris to stimulate the yoni.

Before performing a Yoni massage, make sure to set your intention and make sure that you are comfortable. So that you can lie comfortably, place a pillow under your head and back. Next, place your feet on the ground and begin to breathe. Make sure that you’re not moving or bending too far during the massage.

The next step in performing a Yoni massage on yourself is to engage the clitoris by sliding your finger inside your outer labia. To intensify the sensation, you can also lightly stroke your cliteralhood. Although each person’s massage technique will be different, the general idea is that you should make your clitoris or outer labia the focal point of your massage.

Yoni massage is recommended for women who feel pain in the cervix. Yoni massage can release tension and pain. Apply the massage to the G-spot at 12 o’clock. You should feel the feedback and adjust the technique if you feel pain.


It is important to warm up before a Yoni massage. This involves sensual touch, such as rubbing the breasts and areola, belly, inner thighs, vulva, and upper legs. To make the massage more enjoyable, you may use lubricant or massage oils. Slowly should be done as the goal is relaxation and increased pleasure.

Although the yoni massage does not penetrate, it stimulates the entire vagina. This massage is best performed after a warm shower to induce a relaxed mood. It is important to moisturize your body before you start the massage, trim your nails and wear latex gloves.

The yoni massage process should be comfortable for both the giver and the receiver. It is important that one person does not feel uncomfortable. The environment should not be disturbed. To create a sensual environment, dimmed lights or scented candles can be used. You may want to put on some relaxing music to synchronize the rhythm and touch of the massage.

After you have warmed up, apply pressure to the vaginal wall. You may feel tight or tender spots while applying pressure. You can breathe deeply and gently, while you work on the tender areas. Don’t rush into it, as the sensations may evoke feelings or emotions.

Yoni massage is an excellent way to improve your intimate experience and help you achieve orgasms more easily. Yoni massage is also beneficial for women with painful periods. It can help women feel more relaxed, free from inhibitions, and even help them cope with trauma.