Why Do Developers Lower the Prices On Their Apps?

iPhone app advertising is a new and fast growing advertising format capable of reaching tens of millions of iPhone and iPod users while they are using their iPhone applications. iAds, the worlds first successful application driven mobile advertising platform was launched in the US in July of 2010 and is working to expand into Japan early in 2011. iAds is a powerful way for brands, developers and various advertisers to reach tens of millions of iPhone and iPod touch users.

iPhone app advertising allows advertising without interruption

iAd allows users to interact with an ad while staying within their current application, such as a game, music or video, or using in-ad purchase. In application advertising is one of the most simple and easy to use concepts ever designed. It is so simple to order products or download applications, even while using other applications. Users can choose to view a movie trailer, respond to an ad, then order merchandise, without losing their place in the current application.

The new iAds platform allows great new high tech, high resolution graphics, interactive response to ads over the touch screen of the phone, order completion and complete interaction with the ad without discontinuing their current activities.

iAds allow Brands and Developers to Reach Target Markets with Precision

iAd services allow you to select your target market by choosing which of thousands of applications the advertisement will appear on, one can approach a select group of people interested in a specific group of products, only those likely to be interested will be chosen to interact with the ad. Standard targeting options include demographics, application preferences, music passions, movie, TV and audiobook interests, location, device (iPhone or iPad) and network (WiFi or G3.)

iAds are great for application developers

Developers can use iAd for promoting their iPhone applications. The iAd platform allows the user to download more applications without leaving the application they are already in. Here’s how it works. The iAd banner appears only to your target market users encouraging a download of new applications. By tapping the banner users can view product information and download the application from the App Store without leaving the application they are in. After confirming their account information the app downloads in the background. The user roblox unlimited robux taps the close button and continues using their application.

iPhone app advertising is the latest and most exciting concept in mobile advertising. iAds allow advertisers to hand select from tens of millions of users the ones most likely to be interested in their products, apps and services. Then the users click on the banner to see the ad, order merchandise or download apps without leaving their applications. It is simple, non invasive and so much fun.